We’ve Not Gone Away …

Still fighting sleaze in K&C, with articles coming up as and when time permits.  In the meantime, here’s a message to those who think they’ve got a free pass on sleaze:



Down And Out In Earls Court

The blog has been informed by a resident of what is the first positive sighting in Earls Court of the pervert Barry Phelps since his resignation in July.  Our correspondent described Phelps as a much diminished man, nervously shuffling his way out of Sainsbury’s on the Cromwell Road, looking around in case anyone should recognise him.  Prior to the scandal, Phelps was often to be seen cycling around Earls Court as if it was his domain and he was its lord.  He was puffed up, arrogant, and bloated like a tick freshly fed on blood, on the generous allowances and other benefits and freebies, including a laptop, free broadband connection, and Blackberry, all of which facilitated his lascivious boy perving.

Now that his snout is no longer in the Town Hall trough, gorging like an over-sized hog destined for the abbatoir the next day, our correspondent has reported that Phelps appears, although still rotund, to have less quivering flab draped around him.  Even his beard is less full, and his chin is less stuck out in prideful arrogance.  He looked very crestfallen, or possibly shamed, knowing that people recognise him for the disgusting pervert that he is.  As he no longer commands at his disposal the Council resources to illegitimately bully residents, and exact personal vendettas motivated by spite against residents, it is as if his beard has been yanked off and his power removed like the biblical figure Samson.  Our correspondent informed us that Phelps looked somewhat scruffy, like a down and out you might charitably give 10 pence to.  However, we should remind ourselves that Phelps still has his many properties and a British Virgin Islands trust to console him.

What is of concern is if and when this disgusting man should seek to return to polite society and respectability, perhaps even some role in politics, such as his fellow ex-Councillor, Mark Daley, is now attempting.  Phelps is back in town and this blog will keep our readers informed of any facts concerning any attempts he might make to return to public life.  This blog will serve as a reminder of his depraved conduct which led to his resignation as a Councillor, and it is hoped that no political party or local societies or Residents Associations would wish to be associated with him or appear to condone his actions in any way. 

Polly Toynbee Raises Alarm At The ConDem Spending Cuts

The blog would like to recommend a good article by Polly Toynbee which shares the same concerns expressed on this site about the impending disastrous spending cuts, and the dismantling of the welfare state and the NHS.  She also shows how nonsensical is the Coalition’s notion of the “Big Society”.  Her article is particularly good at explaining how these cuts will not just affect the poor, reprehensible though this is, but all of us.  You can see the article here:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/oct/01/conservative-conference-public-sector-cuts