Coming Soon … A Victim of Phelps’ Bullying Speaks Out

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Be sure to come back to read the jaw dropping, startling ordeal suffered by one of the victims bullied by Phelps, who has decided to open his heart to the blog and share what happened to him with our readers.


Retching The Wretch

Resident Voices His Disgust To Phelps At The Dog’s Dinner To Honour The Pervert Himself

The blog has referred to receiving emails from residents in the Borough complaining that they had been sent an invitation by email to the Dog’s Dinner held in Phelps’ honour at Whits Restaurant on 25 February.  They also complained that their names and email addresses were unlawfully divulged and in the possession of these Phelps’ supporters and that they wanted their private data to be removed from any database as they would never wish to be associated with or support this pervert. 

Subsequent to the “tribute dinner”, Phelps himself mass mailed scores of individuals (please see Phelching Phelps), even to those who had managed to wretch out from the event itself in honour of the pervert.

Among those emails the blog received following Phelps’ mass mailing (Phelching Phelps), was one which particularly encapsulated the sentiments of this blog exactly towards the repugnance of the whole idea of a dinner to honour the pervert Phelps.  We are grateful for the permission of the resident in Earls Court  to reproduce the email exchange this resident had with Barry Phelps himself on this issue, and  to protect this individual’s privacy we have anonymised the resident’s identity.  The email conversation is startling for the arrogance and self pity of Phelps and the fact that after all this time he is both unapologetic and just does not get how repugnant his actions are to most decent people:


—–Original Message—–
To: Barry Phelps
Sent: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 7:38
Subject: Re: A Tribute Dinner to Barry Phelps

remove me from your list – we have no connection and i do not wish for one

you can delude yourself into thinking that everyone in the borough loves you but this is far from the case – if you only rely on the opinion of 200 of your cronies you will never know the strength of negative feeling about you within our community

you made the right decision to leave the council, made essential by your own foolish actions – move on now and devote your life to positive things elswhere

—–Original Message—–
From: Barry Phelps

Sent: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 11:53
Subject: RE: A Tribute Dinner to Barry Phelps

Always interesting when people are gratuitously spiteful.

All the best



—–Original Message—–
To: Barry Phelps
Sent: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 13:44
Subject: Re: A Tribute Dinner to Barry Phelps

Always interesting when people are gratuitously spiteful.

you have more than enough experience in that field, over these last several years

as you sow, so shall ye reap, i think you will find
you have made your particular bed and it is not one in which many people would care to find themselves, so you can’t complain now about being ostracised and no longer a part of the normal society in which the rest of us live
perhaps if you were able to sit back and see how you have behaved, from the perspective of other, normal people you might feel a little more humility and learn when to stop the self-publicity which has been a feature of your existence for the few years during in which i have lived in SW5


Phelching Phelps

Subsequent to the Phelps’ “tribute dinner”, Phelps forwarded en masse an email he received concerning the dinner that was organised for him by “Earl’s Court Community Leaders”, individuals who still feel the need to phelch the pervert Phelps.  Phelps on 27 February 2011 forwarded this email to scores of individuals who want nothing to do with him.  The email is reproduced below for your information:


—–Original Message—–
From: Barry Phelps
To: Barry Phelps
Sent: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 21:36
Subject: FW: A Tribute Dinner to Barry Phelps

A Tribute Dinner to Barry Phelps to thank him for his sixteen years’ service as an Earl’s Court Ward Councillor was given on Friday evening by Earl’s Court Community Leaders. Jonathan Choat, Chairman Orpen House Residents Association, was in the Chair. Mr Choat said: “Barry served Earl’s Court from 1994 to 2010 and topped the poll in every one of the five elections he contested, increasing his share of the vote every time. That shows what he did for Earl’s Court and how much his community appreciated him.”

In replying Barry said: “I should never have resigned from the Council until hearing the result of the complaint to the Police about me and when they dismissed it out of hand I should not have resigned at all. Indeed the Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Mark Heath, asked me in personally to tell me of their conclusion. So there is no disgraced Mayor of the Royal Borough. But the pressure was intense and I was worn out. So I apologise to you and the rest of Earl’s Court for resigning and thank you and about 150 other Earl’s Courtiers for the support and kind words you have given me. Indeed not only have some 200 residents had kind words for me but I  have not had an unkind word from any of them. Similarly all the council officers I have met or emailed have also had a kind word or two for me – with just one exception.

I am sorry not to be with you in helping steer Earl’s Court through the difficult times ahead but can give you one piece of advice.  It is proposed to merge core services of the Royal Borough with those of our neighbours savings of £36 million. That raises questions. How efficient are those services at present? How many of such government proposals to achieve big saving by economies of scale have been successful? Will those savings be achieved? I don’t know. But I am certain that with the proposed cull in middle management numbers councillors will not be able to be serve you as well as before.  (Which, of course, begs the question.) They will not be able to get straight on to the officer who will actually decide issues as they can at present.

So the advice is this. Our community will rely more than ever on community leaders like yourselves. You will need to be relentless in pursuing the interests of Earl’s Court. Perseverance is essential but pays off. The council leadership pay heed to sensible community leaders.

Lastly not only my thanks to you all for your support but especially to Jonathan Choat for organising this dinner and to my partner James for his total support throughout this distressing affair.

Phelps in da ‘hood, Come to do No Good

Whether it’s feasting on the images of young boys, life has been a rolling feast these past few months for the bearded pervert himself, Barry Phelps.  Not content with feasting at Christmas, New Year, or Valentine’s Day, the boy lusting pervert had a “tribute dinner” held in his honour at Whits Restaurant on the Abingdon Road in Kensington on 25 February 2011.  What was the feast for?  To celebrate an immoral pervert who enjoys feasting on the sexually provocative images of young boys.

An email invite to purchase tickets (at £30 with wine!!!) for the “tribute dinner” was originally emailed out on 7 December 2010, with a caveat that “There are only 50 places so you will need to confirm to me early that you would like to come and then send me your cheque made payable to Whits Restaurant to guarantee your place.”.  As the stampede for tickets failed to materialise, a second email was sent out on 4 January 2011 stating that the price had now increased to £32.50 (please note:  the meal with Phelps was not worth anymore (if at all), but the increase was due to the rise in VAT), and that there were still 15 places begging to be picked up.  A third email was sent out on 19 January 2011, beseeching would be diners to purchase tickets as there were still places available!

The blog received complaints from individuals that their email details had been unlawfully forwarded to a third party, a Phelps’ supporter at a PR company involved in mass mailing the dinner details, hoping to drum up ticket sales.  These individuals were disgusted that their details had been divulged, and many of them are disgusted with Phelps’ reprehensible proclivities.  Consequent to the “tribute dinner” in “appreciation” of Phelps, the resurgent boy lusting pervert himself mass mailed individuals on 27 February 2011 – many of those who received his email were aghast at his delusions and wanton brazeness.  In his email, Phelps personally thanked “… Jonathan Choat for organising this dinner and to my partner James for his total support …”, and ever the fantasist, stated, inter alia, that “I should never have resigned …”.

Phelps’ tail might be up, but the view on offer is not a pretty sight!  Clinging to his every word at his “tribute” dinner were dingleberries or wilnots of the human kind.  These are like minded individuals who are not disgusted that a delusional and depraved individual like Phelps obtains his sexual gratification from images of young boys.  These are individuals who are not disgusted that Phelps finds it amusing to joke about rape.  Who are these individuals?  Maybe one of the dinner attendees was the former “Earls Court Village Residents’ Association” Committee member who had received the boy lusting emails over the course of several years from Phelps himself, the ECVRA committee member who posted dog excrement to residents in Earls Court.  Maybe it was another ECVRA committee member, a pot smoking staunch Phelps’ supporter, who had also known about the Phelps’ emails for several years.

The chattering class of Earls Court might not see any moral wrong in Phelps lusting over the images of young boys and spreading his depravity over the public email system, but the blog is sure that his neighbours in Ledbury would be aghast that they live next door to a pervert.  Phelps and his partner have a two bedroomed property in Ledbury, which they bought in July 2000 for the exceptionally good price of £50,000.  The property was bought in the name of Phelps’ partner, with Phelps paying £32,500 and the partner £17,500.  The property is in Homend Walk, The Homend, Ledbury, and is in the newly developed part of town not too far from a retail development.  If they knew about Phelps’ depravity, the loving parents of young boys in Ledbury, Herefordshire, would dread the visits of the lecherous, boy photo loving pervert, ex-councillor Barry Phelps.

Barry Phelps might hold out the prospect of a return to public life, possibly as an independent councillor in Kensington.  However, that possiblity is as remote as him being invited inside the Pearly Gates by St Peter himself.

Dogs Dinner: Honoring a Pervert

The blog has known for some time about the plans for that outrageous dinner held in Phelps’ honour last Friday, 25 February 2011, at Whits restaurant in Abingdon Road, W8.  We wanted to write something on the blog, even start a campaign, but other commitments from our writers prevented them from launching a campaign to highlight this appalling event and the message it conveys of condoning Phelps’ monstrous conduct in sending emails sexualising young boys.  However, the blog’s failure to campaign on this issue so far should in no way provide any encouragement to Phelps or his supporters.  He can say he shouldn’t have resigned but there is no way he could have survived the avalanche of complaints and adverse publicity his pervert emails would have caused, let alone Mr Justin Downes’ Standards Complaint on that issue, which was only withdrawn because Phelps resigned.  There was another Standards Complaint being prepared by a resident in the Borough concerning sexual harassment by Phelps and his breach of the Data Protection Act.  The conduct and actions of Phelps was subsequently apologised for by the Council in a formal complaints process, and the complaint about breaches of the Data Protection Act, including personal and sensitive personal data, by Phelps was also upheld by the Information Commissioner.  If he had not resigned, Phelps would have been under continuing scrutiny for his misconduct and would have brought the Council into disrepute, something even his former allies, such  as Cllr Cockell, would not have tolerated.  It is thoroughly unacceptable that somebody of Phelps’ misconduct and reprehensible behaviour should seek to rehabilitate himself, raise his public profile, or even possibly seek public office.  We believe that it is now necessary to remind residents of the Borough, and the wider public, of the scandal which occasioned Phelps’ resignation concerning his disgusting emails sexualising young boys, and that such individuals in public life are unacceptable, unwanted, and should not be given dinners in their honour, and that their past misconduct in public office must be condemned.

More to follow …