Apologies … and … In the Meantime

Apologies for the delay in uploading the interview announced on 7 March 2011.  It will be up soon!!!


… and … In the Meantime 

If you ever hear or read the “Earls Court Residents’ Association” (ECVRA) making submissions on why a Licensing Application should be denied or amended on the grounds that it might be harmful to children or to prevent crime, consider this:

  1.  One of ECVRA’s committee members is a frequent user of dope;
  2. A partner of one ECVRA committee member is a frequent user of dope;
  3. One ECVRA committee member smokes dope with the partner of a locally elected representative.

This is in addition to the information previously blogged that another member(s) was a longtime recipient of Barry Phelps’ exploitative pictures of young boys, and was also a sender of dog excrement through the postal service to (an)other resident(s).

Hypocritical paragons of virtue!!!

By the way,  ECVRA might take subscriptions from residents within its catchment area, but did you know that certain of its members have unedifying and unflattering monikers for these same subscription paying members!!!