More Pictures From Ex-Councillor Barry Phelps

The disgusting emails from ex-councillor Barry Phelps that were exposed by this blog are linked below:

These emails were received by a committee member of the “Earls Court Village Residents’ Association” (ECVRA), who also once stood for Parliament.  They were also received by the Chair of ECVRA, Gay Wilson.  History has shown that neither ECVRA, or these individuals took any action to halt this pervert, but instead, one went on record to publicly support him:

Below are a few more pictures that were emailed by ex-councillor Barry Phelps using his Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea email address.  The titles of these pictures are those used by Phelps, and are indicative of his attitude.  These pictures were also received by those ECVRA committee members cited above.


……. and your caption is????



Happy Birthday!


No. I haven’t seen Midnight Express


Purity of Mind Test


It’s the first time I’ve been taken across the State line.



Gay Wilson – Earls Court Village Residents’ Association

Since the Barry Phelps scandal errupted in the summer of 2010, this blog has been asked repeatedly why Gay Wilson of the “Earls Court Village Residents’ Association” (ECVRA) spoke out in support of ex-councillor Barry Phelps.  Gay Wilson, as the Chair and spokesperson of the “Earls Court Village Residents’ Association” said in an article published on 6 July 2010 in the Kensington and Chelsea Chronicle of Barry Phelps:  “I hope that he will get reinstated. He has been a brilliant councillor.”  (

What dope smoking Gay Wilson omitted to state was that she had personally received Barry Phelps’ perverted and sexually driven images of youths for several years, and had failed to raise any complaint over them.

Gay Wilson was an individual, who in private, had no moral compass.  Outwardly, she was a beacon of the local community, but in private she was a dope smoking individual who had no problem with perverted images of young boys, and whose duplicity over her fellow ECVRA committee members knew no bounds.  For example, she would breach confidences, disclose private medical details, knew about possible crimes being committed by a certain ECVRA committee member, inter alia, the sending of dog filth to local residents but raised no objections, and would denigrate members of the “Earls Court Village Residents’ Association”.  She repeatedly stated that she wanted to tell one lady in Child’s Street, SW5, who approached her in her role as Chair of the ECVRA, who had a problem with Addie’s Thai Cafe, that she wanted to tell her to “f*** o**”.  She also described a one time treasurer of ECVRA, who gave up his free time, as a “w**k**”.  Gay Wilson was an individual who had a crude mouth and was devoid of any scruples or ethics, and acted without compunction.

Below is a picture of Gay Wilson with fellow pervert, Barry Phelps:



Andrew Lamont – Child Pornography Case – Latest Piece in the Daily Mail

Here’s the latest piece in the Daily Mail on the former RBKC councillor for the Norland ward in RBKC:–Wife-ex-Tory-councillor-stack-child-pornography-magazines-hidden-shoebox.html