Barry Phelps, Boy Pics and ECVRA

The blog has received several emails from different individuals saying that they can’t access the PDFs (on this blog) of the perverted emails that Barry Phelps sent out from his RBKC email address to a select email ring, and received by, amongst others, two committee members of the Earls Court Village Residents Association (ECVRA), and ex-councillor Mark Daley.  For these individuals and others who might be having the same problem, below is a small montage showing Phelps surrounded by several of the pictures of boys he emailed out.

As many readers of the local news in Kensington and Chelsea and of this blog will be aware, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the Earls Court Village Residents Association has had a problem with councillors and individuals who have had an unsavoury interest in pictures of young children, to the extent that one councillor, Andrew Lamont was convicted for his penchant.  Obviously, RBKC does not consider any of these disgusting activities a problem, as it still invites to tax payer funded functions at the town hall, the publicly discredited pervert, Barry Phelps.

For residents within the catchment area of the Earls Court Village Residents Association, they can show their disgust by withholding or not paying any subscriptions to ECVRA until that discredited organisation takes a public stance against this filth, and the criminal actions of some of its committee members.  At the very least, residents can pass on this information for others to make an informed judgment.

The following pictures (not as a montage) were emailed out by Barry Phelps to a select group, including ex councillor Mark Daley, and received by certain committee members of the Earls Court Village Residents Association: