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ECVRA Committee Member Vandalises Neighbour’s Garden

On 22 August 2012, the committee of the Earl’s Court Village Residents Association met at 6 pm at the home of its chair.   What was discussed, we at the blog do not know (yet!), but matters that were omitted for sure, would be what many would call the absolute immoral behaviour of some of its committee members:  we have heard of the sending of dog excrement to at least two residents within the ECVRA catchment area (including the household of a peer of the realm), and also, the receipt and distribution of the perverted Barry Phelps emails.

Recently, another tidbit of information has crossed this blog’s path via the ether – vandalism committed by an ECVRA committee member.  The blog has been forwarded an email written by a certain ECVRA committee member, where he confesses to destroying a tree, which he disliked, in his adjoining neighbour’s garden.  His neighbour, had entrusted him to look after his patch, rather improvidently, whilst he was on holiday in Australia.  Being the coward that this ECVRA committee member is, he took the first opportunity to destroy this tree and blamed its demise on a strong wind to his rather unfortunate neighbour.

As the lyrics go for the daytime soap: 

…  Neighbours, should be there for one another That’s when good neighbours become good friends [NOT!!!]

That’s NOT if you’re a neighbour of this certain Earls Court Village Residents Association committee member.

Here’s the ECVRA committee member’s email:

[Neighbour’s text in blue, and ECVRA committee member’s text in red.]

 —– Original Message —–
From: **********  [ECVRA committee member]
To: b*******  [neighbour of ECVRA committee member]
Subject: Report from [**]

Hi [neighbour of ECVRA committee member]
Yes, we’re back [ECVRA committee member and his partner] – and mercifully to warmer weather –   i.e 7c ! Apparently on Saturday it was several degrees below minus!
Answers below [in red]

    —– Original Message —–
    From: b******* [neighbour of ECVRA committee member]
    To: ********** [ECVRA committee member]

    Hi [name of ECVRA committee member]

      Hope you had a great time in South Africa !  Yes, brilliant thanks!   I think you are just about heading back to the UK?  We’re back!  😦 Very impressed with terminal 5. Touched down 5.30pm and in the house at 6.30pm    

     It looks like we might have a few more weeks in Australia vs. intended – there is a plan afoot to return later in Feb instead of the 4th ! I’m green with envy!

[email cut for brevity]       

    All the best,

    [signed by neighbour of ECVRA committee member]    

    We returned to a freezing house, despite the improved outside temperatures, so it was a case of hot water bottles and the central heating kept on full pelt for 36 hours! I have checked your house this morning, which is fine, but very cold.  Would you like me to activate your central heating a few days before your return?    

[email cut for brevity]    

    The next major news  is that having arrived at the patio, before examining the pond, I had to negotiate the “mimosa” bush/tree which has  completely keeled over and is sprawled over the floor of the patio. I can only presume that the strong north-easterly  winds have pushed it over. It’s half out the ground and looks very short-rooted. Basically, it looks to me that this shrub has mutated to a tree and so is simply too top-heavy.    The base of the trunk has split. I’m afraid it looks an irredeemable situation. What to do? Shall I remove?  

[email cut for brevity] 

    That apart, [neighbour’s name], all’s well,  although I’m so sorry to have to tell you about the fishes and tree.
    All best wishes & love to [neighbour’s wife]

    [signed ECVRA committee member]

The ECVRA committee member then wrote to a third party about the situation:

From: **********
To: [Third :Party]
Subject: Fw: Report from [**]

Hope it sounds convincing re. the tree!

and later, again, to the same third party:

From: **********
To: [Third Party]
Subject: Fw: Report from [**]

Hi [Third Party]
Mimosa all done & dusted and now reduced to firewood!
[email edited for brevity]
Hope you’re well.
[signed ECVRA committee member]

For a committee member of ECVRA to engage in such an anti-social and outrageously immoral act is beyond belief!  For that individual to remain a bona fide member of the ECVRA committee is astounding, but this is sadly all too indicative of ECVRA’s tolerance and acceptance of such reprehensible behaviour so long as it’s committed by one its own. 

As we have read previously, ECVRA is more likely to tolerate one of its members committing scandalous or immoral acts, whether it is sending excrement through the postal system, receiving and sending abusive pictures of young boys, or taking an axe to a neighbour’s tree, rather then taking an axe to the root of its condoning anti-social and immoral behaviour.