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Coming Soon: Part 2 of the ECVRA Committee: Too Many Freaks, Not Enough Circuses

Which Pictures Does Hazel O’Hare Describe as “Innocent”?

Who does the ECVRA Committee Describe as an “Asset”?


Coming Soon: Part 2 of the ECVRA Committee: Too Many Freaks, Not Enough Circuses

Which Pictures Does Hazel O’Hare Describe as “Innocent”?

Who does the ECVRA Committee Describe as an “Asset”?

The ECVRA Committee: Too Many Freaks, Not Enough Circuses

Gay Wilson [the then Chair of the Earls Court Residents Association Committee] leaned over and spoke quietly into her guest’s ear:  “Have you seen those dirty pictures of young boys that Barry [Phelps] sends out?”

“Yes, they’re disgusting” came back the reply.

“It’s very naughty of  him, and he might end up in trouble with the police one day.  I suppose many people would consider them paedophilic.  xxx has been sending them to me for years, and I suppose xxx sends them to you too?”, she continued.

xxx is a committee member of the ECVRA who had willingly been on Barry Phelps’ email circle for many years for the immoral pictures of young boys, and who, himself, had forwarded them to several people over the course of several years.  He took great delight in receiving and sending out Phelps’ perverted pictures of young boys.

Loudly, she continued, “You know, since I’ve been on my medication [for chemotherapy], its made me more frank with people.  I might just tell Barry that he’s a disgusting pervert!  I might also tell M****** [a lady from Child’s Street] to f*** o***.  After I came out of hospital, she came to visit me one Friday afternoon, and since then, she keeps emailing me to ask if it’s OK to come around.  She keeps emailing, and I have to keep making up excuses.”

After that cold winter’s night on 2 December 2009, Gay Wilson never did confront Barry Phelps over the emails, but would later defend him in public after his resignation from the RBKC council in July 2010.  Barry Phelps did end up being investigated by the police, but unfortunately, following advice from the CPS, for reasons unknown, the matter was not proceeded with. 

In the ensuing scandal that erupted, an email was sent on 5 July 2010 to the then acting Chair of the ECVRA, and copied to all committee members, bar Gay Wilson and xxx.  The email is copied below:

Subject: FILTH
From: ******@gmail.com>
To: **.********@gmail.com
Cc: ****************@yahoo.co.uk>, ********@mac.com,
    *****.*****@hotmail.co.uk, *******@btopenworld.com>,

Dear [Acting Chair]

I have heard on the grapevine that Cllr Barry Phelps has resigned his seat for the Earl’s Court ward.  This was because he was using RBKC’s resources to operate a “[Edit]”.  Further details can be found on www.barryphelps.posterous.com

Obviously, this news affects the Earl’s Court Village, but of direct importance to the Residents’ Association is that xxx [ECVRA committee member] was a direct recipient from Barry Phelps of this filth.  For your information, another ECVRA committee member [Gay Wilson] has known about these disgusting Cllr Phelps’ emails for sometime.  The sexualisation of children is disgusting and depraved, and the obtaining of sexual gratification from the images of children, is not conduct that should be tolerated in any up right and right thinking society.  Needless to say, this is information that must be disseminated to all residents, as ECVRA states that “The purpose of the ECVRA shall be to protect the amenities and interests of the Village and of the residents as a whole living within it.”.  To keep quiet or not to criticise such conduct, is to condone this depravity.

On a separate issue, but also relating to filth, was the sending by post of dog excrement by xxx [the same individual who received Barry Phelps’ emails] to one of the residents in the Village, [a woman in Child’s Street].  Again, this information has also been known by another ECVRA committee member[Gay Wilson] for sometime.  Is it ECVRA policy to breach the criminal law by sending dog excrement through the post?  If not, does it condone such behaviour?  If it does not, what does it intend to do about it?  I quote from an email from 25 January 2009 [from xxx]:  “Main event last week was anonymously posting (first class!) to [the lady in Child’s Street], 2 day’s deposits of her wretched dog’s shit which I caught her scooping into the hollyhock beds.  She HAD to be taught a lesson! 🙂  It was beautifully packaged with a letter in a Fortnum & Masons bag + smart jiffy bag!”.

I believe that such a person, xxx, is unfit to be on the Committee, and I hope that that will be the view of other members of the Committee on hearing of these facts.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Best wishes

The Acting Chair of the ECVRA responded on 6 July 2010:

I have got your e mail and will be looking into it.  yours [Acting Chair]

To which the following response was made on 12 July 2010:

Dear [Acting Chair]

Thank you for your reply.  I should be grateful if you could give me an idea of the time-frame for your investigation, and when you will be in a position to be able to provide me with a decision.  It is my view, based also on the groundswell of opinion condemning Phelps and his email list recipients, that it would be a very serious matter if xxx is left on the Committee in good standing after this scandal.  I believe it would seriously undermine the credibility and respectability of the ECVRA in any public role or position it may wish to adopt.  I also believe that it is not purely an internal ECVRA matter, and that there is a public interest.  I hope you will agree that residents of the ECVRA are entitled to be fully informed of any decision, or absence of a decision, made by the Committee, and in reasonable time.

It should also be noted that xxx had sent dog excrement through the postal system, which is a criminal offence, and this fact was also known by a close colleague [Gay Wilson] on the ECVRA Committee.  This is a further reason, why xxx’s position on the Committee is a scandal, untenable and indefensible.

If xxx remains on the Committee, or has the support and backing of the Committee, then I hope you will understand that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the ECVRA should be convened to discuss the matter and xxx’s position on the Committee.  I can assure you from my own experience from speaking with people locally, that there is a lot of shock and disgust with what has transpired with Barry Phelps.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely

On 16 July 2010, a terse reply came back from the Acting Chair of ECVRA stating:

This is to inform you that xxx has stepped down from the committee of the ECVRA.
[name of Acting Chair], Acting Chairman.

At a future AGM of the ECVRA, a motion was put forward for residents to vote upon to change the boundary of the residents’ association.  The ECVRA committee did not inform the residents, the voters, of the true reasons for the change in the boundary.  The ECVRA committee hoped that it would contain, once and for all, any legitimate criticism of the disgusting conduct of one of its committee members.  The ECVRA committee hoped that it would “keep a lid” on the disgusting behaviour of one of its committee members, xxx, a scandal going to the heart of the ECVRA committee.

This blog, http://barryphelps.posterous.com, would further detail what xxx of the ECVRA committee had done.  It would reveal that xxx had:

1)  Had been a willing recipient who had received and sent out over the course of several years, the filthy Barry Phelps’ emails of young boys;
2)  Sent excrement to a lady in Child’s Street, and also, in a plastic document wallet, to the household of a  peer of the realm in Redfield Lane;
3)  Vandalised a neighbour’s garden by deliberately destroying his tree.

But what would the committee of the ECVRA do about it?

To be continued.

The Pervert’s Emails – Access Work Around


We’ve been informed that some readers are having problems with the scandalous Phelps’ emails displaying correctly (please see the page link above, “The Pervert’s Emails”), namely, that the pictures in the emails are failing to display at all.  Until we have time to find a solution to this problem, as a work around to enable you to see the pictures within the Phelps’ emails, please press “(download)” at the bottom left of each “scribd.” document, and then press the filename of the “.pdf” document that you wish to view.  The “scribd.” documents can be accessed via the page link above. 

Apologies and thanks.

ECVRA Committee Member Vandalises Neighbour’s Garden

On 22 August 2012, the committee of the Earl’s Court Village Residents Association met at 6 pm at the home of its chair.   What was discussed, we at the blog do not know (yet!), but matters that were omitted for sure, would be what many would call the absolute immoral behaviour of some of its committee members:  we have heard of the sending of dog excrement to at least two residents within the ECVRA catchment area (including the household of a peer of the realm), and also, the receipt and distribution of the perverted Barry Phelps emails.

Recently, another tidbit of information has crossed this blog’s path via the ether – vandalism committed by an ECVRA committee member.  The blog has been forwarded an email written by a certain ECVRA committee member, where he confesses to destroying a tree, which he disliked, in his adjoining neighbour’s garden.  His neighbour, had entrusted him to look after his patch, rather improvidently, whilst he was on holiday in Australia.  Being the coward that this ECVRA committee member is, he took the first opportunity to destroy this tree and blamed its demise on a strong wind to his rather unfortunate neighbour.

As the lyrics go for the daytime soap: 

…  Neighbours, should be there for one another That’s when good neighbours become good friends [NOT!!!]

That’s NOT if you’re a neighbour of this certain Earls Court Village Residents Association committee member.

Here’s the ECVRA committee member’s email:

[Neighbour’s text in blue, and ECVRA committee member’s text in red.]

 —– Original Message —–
From: **********@btopenworld.com  [ECVRA committee member]
To: b*******@hotmail.com  [neighbour of ECVRA committee member]
Subject: Report from [**]

Hi [neighbour of ECVRA committee member]
Yes, we’re back [ECVRA committee member and his partner] – and mercifully to warmer weather –   i.e 7c ! Apparently on Saturday it was several degrees below minus!
Answers below [in red]

    —– Original Message —–
    From: b*******@hotmail.com [neighbour of ECVRA committee member]
    To: **********@btopenworld.com [ECVRA committee member]

    Hi [name of ECVRA committee member]

      Hope you had a great time in South Africa !  Yes, brilliant thanks!   I think you are just about heading back to the UK?  We’re back!  😦 Very impressed with terminal 5. Touched down 5.30pm and in the house at 6.30pm    

     It looks like we might have a few more weeks in Australia vs. intended – there is a plan afoot to return later in Feb instead of the 4th ! I’m green with envy!

[email cut for brevity]       

    All the best,

    [signed by neighbour of ECVRA committee member]    

    We returned to a freezing house, despite the improved outside temperatures, so it was a case of hot water bottles and the central heating kept on full pelt for 36 hours! I have checked your house this morning, which is fine, but very cold.  Would you like me to activate your central heating a few days before your return?    

[email cut for brevity]    

    The next major news  is that having arrived at the patio, before examining the pond, I had to negotiate the “mimosa” bush/tree which has  completely keeled over and is sprawled over the floor of the patio. I can only presume that the strong north-easterly  winds have pushed it over. It’s half out the ground and looks very short-rooted. Basically, it looks to me that this shrub has mutated to a tree and so is simply too top-heavy.    The base of the trunk has split. I’m afraid it looks an irredeemable situation. What to do? Shall I remove?  

[email cut for brevity] 

    That apart, [neighbour’s name], all’s well,  although I’m so sorry to have to tell you about the fishes and tree.
    All best wishes & love to [neighbour’s wife]

    [signed ECVRA committee member]

The ECVRA committee member then wrote to a third party about the situation:

From: **********@btopenworld.com
To: [Third :Party]
Subject: Fw: Report from [**]

Hope it sounds convincing re. the tree!

and later, again, to the same third party:

From: **********@btopenworld.com
To: [Third Party]
Subject: Fw: Report from [**]

Hi [Third Party]
Mimosa all done & dusted and now reduced to firewood!
[email edited for brevity]
Hope you’re well.
[signed ECVRA committee member]

For a committee member of ECVRA to engage in such an anti-social and outrageously immoral act is beyond belief!  For that individual to remain a bona fide member of the ECVRA committee is astounding, but this is sadly all too indicative of ECVRA’s tolerance and acceptance of such reprehensible behaviour so long as it’s committed by one its own. 

As we have read previously, ECVRA is more likely to tolerate one of its members committing scandalous or immoral acts, whether it is sending excrement through the postal system, receiving and sending abusive pictures of young boys, or taking an axe to a neighbour’s tree, rather then taking an axe to the root of its condoning anti-social and immoral behaviour.



Second Anniversary of the Pervert Barry Phelps’ Demise

Today, 5 July 2012, marks the second anniversary of the pervert Barry Phelps’ political demise, forced out of office on this day for his distribution of lecherous images of young boys.  This blog was instrumental in revealing the sick mind and activities of this disgusting pervert.  Below, we recall some of the players in this sickening debacle:



Conservative councillor for Earls Court, Phelps used RBKC’s email system over the course of several years to distribute disgusting images and captions of young boys to a select and secretive list of recipients.  Phelps is known as being a bully, spiteful and downright nasty specimen of the human race, but simultaneously, a coward.  Whilst a councillor for the RBKC, he was known to unlawfully breach data protection rules if his purposes were served.

[Edit, 9 July 2012]:  Phelps ran from his RBKC funded computer and internet connection, and using his RBKC email address,  a secret email ring to a select list of recipients, sending out what some might construe as child sexual abuse images.  Although, these images did not quite meet the criminal standard, they were, nonetheless, dispicable and perverted, and showed as his object of desire, young boys.  As stated below, recipients included fellow perverts on the committee of the Earls Court Village Residents Association, and fellow councillor, Mark Daley.



At the time, Mark Daley was the Conservative councillor for the Cremorne Ward, Kensington and Chelsea, and was on Phelps’ select and secretive list of recipients.  Made several excuses when caught.



Personal friend of Barry Phelps, and on the committee of the Earls Court Village Residents Association.  When Phelps resigned, she came out fighting for him, and called for his reinstatement:  http://kensington.londoninformer.co.uk/2010/07/councillors-resign-over-email.html  What she failed to disclose was that she too had received Phelps’ disgusting pictures over the course of several years.



This Earls Court Village Residents Association committee member is a good friend of Barry Phelps.  He once stood for Parliament, but failed to achieve his goal.  He stated several times that it took him a while to earn Barry Phelps’ trust,and to get on Phelps’ email list.  He is also known to send dog excrement to residents living in the area; one notable recipient served in the governments under three different Labour leaders.



Where do we start?  The council itself, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, failed to condemn either Barry Phelps or Mark Daley. Instead, officers of the council deliberately breached data protection laws in assisting Phelps.

Neither did any of RBKC’s Conservative councillors condemn Phelps, even when some were specifically written to and asked about the matter.  It is for this reason or when instructed to remain silent on the matter, that this blog calls these individuals perverts.  Instead, senior officers within RBKC came out defending Phelps, and a female officer insisted that Phelps’ behaviour was “warranted” at one point in time.  Pervert defender, Jennifer Ware of RBKC’s Standards Committee and also of the Earls Court Society came out in Phelps’ defence:  http://kensington.londoninformer.co.uk/2010/07/councillors-resign-over-email.html  Ware’s fellow member on the Earls Court Society, Malcolm Spalding (friend and neighbour of RBKC Conservative leader, Merrick Cockell), who stood as the Conservative Candidate to replace Phelps in the Earls Court ward, also failed to condemn Phelps when personally written to.

This is a council which has few morals, and its actions led to the concealment for several months that another one of its councillors, Conservative councillor Andrew Lamont, had been caught up in a scandal involving children.  In this instance, Lamont was charged, tried and convicted for possessing child sexual abuse images.



The Earls Court Village Residents Association is fully embroiled in the Barry Phelps’ scandal, with two of its committee members receiving over the course of several years, the disgusting Phelps’ emails, and by also defending Phelps in public.  A third ECVRA committee member denounced this blog as “not being nice” to the male committee member who received Phelps’ depraved emails, when this blog revealed that committee member’s activities.  No committee member of the Earls Court Village Residents Association has yet to publicly denounce Barry Phelps’ conduct or the conduct of its own committee members.  Instead, the Earls Court Village Residents Association has remained publicly silent over its deep involvement in this scandal.

The Earls Court Village Residents Association represents the so called “interests” of residents in the following streets in SW5:  Wallgrave Road, Kenway Road, Child’s Street, Child’s Walk, Child’s Place, and Redfield Lane.  Its current chair is a Ms Hazel O’Hare, which this blog has written about previously:  http://barryphelps.posterous.com/ecvras-new-chair-a-bully



A rather vacuous individual who was easily impressed by titles and celebrities.  She was the former Conservative councillor for Brompton ward in Kensington and Chelsea, but her main claim to fame was being Madonna’s former step mother-in-law.  At Kensington and Chelsea, her portfolio included that of vulnerable individuals and children, and child protection issues.  In that role, one would have expected her to distance herself from the pervert Barry Phelps.  However, she remained in constant touch with him.  She was none too bright, and what she was credited for, was always the hard work of other individuals.

Unlike the public persona that was created for her, Shireen Ritchie was a truly uncaring individual.  As soon as her husband fell ill, she placed him in a nursing home in order that she might proceed with her own life without many encumbrances.