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The second part of “Too Many Freaks, Not Enough Circuses” should be uploaded in the next week or so.  Apologies again for the delay.

Coming Soon: Part 2 of the ECVRA Committee: Too Many Freaks, Not Enough Circuses

Which Pictures Does Hazel O’Hare Describe as “Innocent”?

Who does the ECVRA Committee Describe as an “Asset”?


Coming Soon: Part 2 of the ECVRA Committee: Too Many Freaks, Not Enough Circuses

Which Pictures Does Hazel O’Hare Describe as “Innocent”?

Who does the ECVRA Committee Describe as an “Asset”?

ECVRA Chair Slapped Down

Further to her email of 26 October 2009, the The Earls Court Village Residents’ Association’s (ECVRA) answer to Sarah Paddy Jones, salsa dancing old spinster Hazel O’Hare (then Co-Secretary of ECVRA, and now current Chair), was slapped down by its then Chair, Gay Wilson, for suggesting that residents gang up and write a letter to a certain ECVRA resident:  see http://barryphelps.posterous.com/ecvras-new-chair-a-bully

In response to what this blog considers Hazel O’Hare’s bullying attitude, Gay Wilson responded by stating on 26 October 2009:

My initial response is that I hope we are an inclusive village/community and none of us think it a good idea to get our neighbours to sign letters or say that public opinion is against one of us.”

As a by-note to this post, the complainant to ECVRA, [ccc] (please refer to http://barryphelps.posterous.com/ecvras-new-chair-a-bully) had originally suggested to another ECVRA committee member that she [ccc] wanted to park her car on [ddd’s] land.

ECVRA’s New Chair – A Bully?

The blog was forwarded an email written by the now current chair of the “Earls Court Village Residents’ Association” (ECVRA), Hazel O’Hare (details here:  http://www.rbkc.gov.uk/az/az.aspx?searchletter=E&orgid=10310), concerning what a woman [ddd] had lawfully placed on her property, following a complaint by [ddd’s] neighbour [ccc].  The blog is disgusted that ECVRA should consider that it has jurisdiction and a remit to determine what individuals can lawfully do with their property.  Hazel O’Hare’s email is reproduced below:


—–Original Message—–
From: Hazel O’Hare
Sent: 26 October 2009 11:54
Subject: RE:

I spoke to [ccc] last Friday, and we agreed we would see what [ddd] does. It sounds like she is finally going to do something, so let’s wait until [ccc] is back and see whether the problem is solved. If nothing happens, one thought is to have everyone in the street sign a letter, just to show how everyone feels about this, but [ddd] must know already that public opinion is against her, so I doubt this would help much.


What is most disturbing about Hazel O’Hare’s email is that it comes across as typical nasty playground bullying – suggesting that a group of individuals gang up to coerce the behaviour of a single individual peacefully enjoying their property.

We at the blog note that the ECVRA, which is deeply mired by its connections with the Barry Phelps’ email scandal (see here:  http://barryphelps.posterous.com/why-this-blog-17 and here: http://barryphelps.posterous.com/kensington-and-chelsea-chronicle)  and the outrageous anti-social actions of some of its committee members, is less concerned with cleaning up its own act and instead contemplated engaging in petty bullying of a resident in its catchment area on a matter over which it had no jurisdiction at all.

While the blog is not personally acquainted with the new chair of the ECVRA, we can only consider that as an old spinster, Ms O’Hare has a lot of time on her hands to meddle in other people’s business.  Is this the reason she was referred to as “phalanges” [nb:  usually spelt as flanges, and see here for definition:  http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=flange&defid=1809210] by two ECVRA committee members?